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See full list on thefirearmblog. In 1946, the AK-47 was presented for official military trials, and in 1948, the fixed-stock version was introduced into active service with selected units of the Soviet Army. The Underground AK-47 Build Manual. I would recommend that the AK enthusiast/shooter spend a little more money and buy The Official Soviet AKM Operator&39;s Manual instead. Let’s gather all the drawings here.

The third and last set of blueprints was found in a number of different online sources. That&39;s about the only thing missing. Scribd is the world&39;s largest social reading and publishing site. ak-47 The AK-47, or AK as it is officially known (also known as the Kalashnikov ) is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.

Next set of drawings is from Russian AKM/AKMS armorer’s manual (1968). AK47General and Technical Data, Operations Training, Disassembly Techniques, Accessories Descriptions, WW AK47Weapons Markings. As this ak 47 technical manual, many people along with will compulsion to purchase the compilation sooner. Those listed in this Weapons ID Sheet are the closest to the original design.

Bersin Ammunition Device view manual. Why should soft file? These are mainly from Russian and European gun forums and websites.

To fire, insert a loaded magazine, move the selector lever to the fire position, pull back and release. AK-47 Owners Manual. "The Sks, Aks, Ak-47 Owners Manual" .

É a arma de fogo originária da família de fuzis Kalashnikov (ou "AK"). AK Double Trigger Kit view manual. It has a mild recoil which gives it the capability of delivering effective full automatic fire up to 300 meters. Kalashnikov AK-47 (& close derivatives) TYPE: ASSAULT RIFLE ALSO REFERRED TO AS: KALASHNIKOV/AK Model illustrated: AK-47, Bulgaria Technical Information Calibre 7. Here are also a couple of AK cleaning kit tool drawings: Next three are actually armorer tool drawings (from the same 1968 AKM/AKMS armorer’s manual):. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order FB021.

So there it is – my collection of AK blueprints. If this kind of post is something interesting for our readers, then I’ll make another one with other “combloc” guns’ blueprints (Makarov, SKS, Mosin-Nagant. · Download Ak ak 47 technical manual 47 Technical Manual. The initials AK represent Avtomat Kalashnikova, Russian for ‘automatic Kalashnikov,’ for its designer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, who designed the accepted version of the weapon in 1947. The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова, lit. txt) or read online for free. The AK-47 is gas-operated and fires from the closed bolt position, the bolt being a rotary bolt that operates from a gas piston.

That&39;s the only information I would have like to have seen added. Avtomát Kaláshnikova), também conhecida como Kalashnikov, é um fuzil de assalto de calibre 7,62x39mm criado em 1947 por Mikhail Kalashnikov e produzido na União Soviética pela indústria estatal IZH. See more results. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please also let me know about it in the comments. ak accessories; ak bayonets; ak books and manuals; ak magazines and clips; ak parts; ak47 ak74 akm collectors corner; ar15 m16 rifle.

Arsenal AK47 vs WASR Four ways to reload an AK-47 like a boss M16 vs AK 47 Rifle Comparison NEW VIDEO - Zeroing AK47: The American Way! · ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. If you searching to check Ak 47 Stocking Cap And Ak 47 Technical Manual Pdf price. Field Telephone 33. Korean AK Drum Magazine view manual. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order. The early slab-sided steel AK-47 30-round detachable box magazines had 1 mm (0. It is vastly more informative and complete.

Kalashnikov’s automatic device; also known as the Kalashnikov and AK), is a gas-operated, 7. Chiappa M4-22 Upper Receiver view manual. The Sks Shooting & Maintenance Manual . 62 mm, AK-47, NSN: 1005-LL-MUS-2940.

genial books are in the soft files. This manual is written in work package format: a. · SECTION I. Besides the drawings, there is a lot more information concerning armorer level maintenance. During the course of its production, over 75 million AK-47s and licensed variants have been built. The following two drawings are from a Russian book called “The Manufacturing of Automatic Firearms”, Vol. But, sometimes it is for that reason far-off showing off to acquire the book, even in further country or city.

Equipment Name and Model Number. This manual contains operating and maintenance instructions for the 7. Again, you can download the full-size file by clicking on the link in the caption. AK 47 Parts Blueprint (Arabic) AKM Blueprints.

039 in) sheet-metal bodies and weigh 0. . In that book, there are many more blueprintsof non-finished parts in different stages of the manufacturing process. Not alot of the gun&39;s specifics though.

AK-47 US Army Manual Beretta 81, 84 Series AK-47 Wind-Up drum instructions Czech CZ-52 Manual PA-63 Manual Mosin Nagant Rifle Manual Polish P64 Manual PSO-1 Eastern Block Sniper Scope Manual. 725 kg AK-47S: 3. 62×39 mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. D-04: Technical Data: M GSG-AK47 Caliber. If you have something to add, please post in the comments.

These are mainly drawings of small parts which were considered possible to be made at armorer’s level to replace the original ones. If you are looking for Ak 47 Technical Manual And Ak 47 Airsoft Gun Kalashnikov. COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types.

Read PDF Ak 47 Technical Manual &92;u0026 MACHINE GUN AK-47 TRAINING &92;u0026 INDOCTRINATION FILM 88974 What To Look For When Buying an AK Training With REAL Russian Operators Ultimate AK Meltdown: Reloaded! AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry About AR15. Ak 47 Technical Manual - Free download as Word Doc (. The Underground AK-47 Build Manual © and beyond Page 5 Soviet infantry doctrine of its time, the rifle is meant to be part of massed infantry fire, not long range engagements.

Basically a military manual on the weapon andd it&39;s accessories. It is divided into five chapters. So, to ease you in finding the books that will keep. For example, the M-16/M-4 rifle manuals would tell you muzzle velocity, maximum range, etc.

If you understand Russian you can download the manual by clicking here. ar15 m16 rifle accessories; ar15 m16 rifle bayonets; ar15 ak 47 technical manual m16 rifle books and manuals; ar15 m16 rifle collectors corner; ar15 m16 rifle magazines and clips; ar15 m16 rifle parts; m14 m1a rifle. pdf), Text File (.

I am not sure about the original source of any of the drawings, however, judging from their appearance, they look to be scanned copies of original technical drawings. However, the AK-47 is a specific model of Kalashnikov. 62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Later Kalashnikov-pattern weapons retain many design features of the AK-47. AK-47 Volume 1 Assault Rifle Manual Department of the Us Army Operators Manuals was Produced by the 203d Military Intelligence Battalion. Army manuals I have for the M14 and the M16 are far superior to this book. AK 47 Service Manual.

Click on the link to view them, then save them if you like to your computer, and print them. For example below is the drawing of AK-74 front trunnion forging. The AK-47 has ak 47 technical manual a fixed stock.

When was the ak 47 made? &39;Kalashnikov&39;s assault rifle&39;; also known as the Kalashnikov or just AK), is a gas-operated, 7. Share & Embed "Ak 47 Technical Manual" Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed. Created Date: 5:54:21 PM. As one of the most common and reliable assault rifles in the world, the AK-47 has also been utilized by organized crime and terrorist organizations. ak books and manuals; ak magazines and clips; ak parts. Who made the ak 47? O AK-47, ou AK como é oficialmente conhecida (russo: Автома́т Кала́шникова, tr.

In addition to professional militaries, the AK-47 has been utilized by a variety of resistance and revolutionary groups including the Viet Cong, Sandinistas, and Afghani mujahedeen. 1940s assault rifle of Soviet origin. And as a bonus here is a very large (11800×4300) cutaway image of an AK-47. East German AK 74 Operator Manual (German). The bore and chamber, as well as the gas piston and the interior of the gas cylinder, are generally chromium-plated. If you own an AK type rifle this book is great. Submit notice of discrepancies or suggested changes on NAVMC 10772. This Technical Manual (TM), authenticated for Marine Corps use and effective upon receipt, describes the technical characteristics and components for the rifle, 7.

62×39mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov circa WWII. These are images with relatively large dimensions, so the description of each image will link to the original size file. doc), PDF File (. The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова, tr. How many AK-47s have been made? 62 x 39 mm M1943 Length Fixed stock: 880 mm Folding stock: – Extended: 880 mm – Folded: 645 mm Weight (unloaded) AK-47: 3.

The book is about the manufacturing methods and techniques of firearms and all the processes are. . 62 x 39 mm, AK-47 rifle and its variants. - - To Army technical writers, putting together equipment manuals is routine, but writing manuals on foreign weapons is another story - - one with plenty of plot twists. Free Manuals: The below manuals are free to download and print. It is the originating firearm of the Kalashnikov rifle (or "AK") family.

What is an AK 47? 980 kg Barrel length 417 mm Feed device. GENERAL The AK-47 (fig 3) is a short, compact, selective-fired weapon designed by the Soviets in 1946 which fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges. Avtomát Kaláshnikova, lit. · Though the Red Army elected to move to the AK-74 during the 1970s, the AK-47 family of weapons remains in widespread military use with other nations.

So they dedicated a chapter (or rather an appendix) to the mentioned drawings in the armorer’s ak 47 technical manual manual. Illustration Major operational parts of the Rifle Study of this picture will aid you in understanding the instructions in this booklet. original "fn" browning machine gun 30 cal air cooled technical manual french mac 50 pistol technical.

PDF Ak 47 Technical Manual - Free Download PDF The Underground AK-47 Build Manual © and beyond Page 5 Soviet infantry doctrine of its time, the rifle is meant to be part of massed infantry fire, not long range engagements. The later steel AKM 30-round magazines had lighter sheet-metal bodies with prominent reinforcing ribs weighing 0. The designation AK-47 is often used, generically, to refer to all Kalashnikov-pattern assault rifles.

Ak 47 technical manual

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